Don’t risk a colour clash
You've finally found your perfect shade of gel. So would it be too matchy-matchy to wear it on your fingers and toes? Wearing the same shade of gel on your fingers and toes helps you look more finished. You can use two different colors, but make sure they coordinate. Having red fingernails and blue toenails isn't the way to go.

Do erase memories of pedicures past
Dark, dramatic shades shellac such as red and purple can stain nails yellow if you leave them on for more than two weeks. Use an acetone nail polish remover to remove stains. When you polish, use a clear base coat first. But if your discolored nails are also thick, brittle, or curled, you may have a fungal infection. Skip the polish and head over to your doctor's office instead.

Don’t knock the “Man” Pedicure
There's no reason a guy can't have neat toenails. Some salons and barbershops offer special guy-friendly pedicure, with or without manicure. But everyday salons commonly cater to both sexes.

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