Now that nail salons have reopened, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to what we can have adorning our fingertips. These are the Stylist beauty team’s favourite spots in Cromer for the best quality nail art around.

It seems like there’s a new nail art trend every week, be it 60s-inspired swirls or tortoiseshell talons. We’re not mad about it - far from it, actually, because what it means is that we can pick and choose from nails design and even get inspiration from everyday items (fern leaf print, anyone?).

The Stylist beauty team have visited every one of the below Cromer nails salons to trial their nail art abilities, with some becoming our default go-to havens, including some ethical salon finds.

Now that nail salons are open again, book yourself in and prepare to become perpetually distracted by your nails – as well as reaping in all the compliments. The world will literally be at your fingertips