2nd Article for January

Manicures Style

Nowadays, there are plenty of French manicure styles that deviate from the standard flesh-colored formula. Instead, people are opting for colorful and out-of-the-box French manicure designs. Graphic art, stickers, and gems are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wearing the mani of the moment. If sticking to the classics is more your thing, there are countless nail-art brushes and stamps that promise a clean, crisp French manicure line. #NailTok #NailSalonSheringham—TikTok’s unofficial nail-art sphere, has countless videos of pro artists and rookies alike painting polish directly onto silicone molds and stamping a French tip outline onto their nail beds. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s no better time to experiment than in the summer.

Here, some of our favorite French manicure looks to inspire your next appointment with us at Sheringham Nail Bar. Get ready to screenshot.

  • Rainbow French
  • Melting French 
  • Cow-Print French 
  • Neon French 
  • Classic French 
  • Checkerboard French
  • Floral French 
  • Rainbow Ombré French 
  • Glitter French
  • Rhinestone French
  • Chrome French 
  • Golden French 
  • Cherry Pink French
  • Geometric French 
  • Tortoise French 
  • Squiggly French
  • Holographic French