The thing about doing your nails in this style is that it isn’t something that you can do in a hurry. Simply trying to paint your nails with two different colours, just like that, isn’t going to work out that well. With that being said, it’s not impossible to do it yourself at home. Or, you could get the look done at your favourite nail salon.

To paint ombre nail designs, you’re going to want to pick two colours that you like best. Whether they “match” or not doesn’t matter. You’ll need sponges, plastic, and toothpicks. Use the lighter colour of the two that you’ve chosen and paint each nail. Let them dry.

Put the two colours on the plastic sheet. Using the toothpicks, swirl the colours in the middle. You can choose the kind of colour gradient you like best. Take the sponge and dab it in the nail polish and then on your nail. Don’t let it cover the whole nail. You can dab as many times as you like before polish dries to ensure that you get the exact colour you like. If that’s too much work for you, consider having a professional do it instead. But until then take a look at our ombre nails collection and get inspired