2nd Article for February

Glitter Powder

Glitter nail polish so pretty to look at, such a pain to put on. Anyone who's used nail polish at least once in their life knows this struggle. Getting a perfect application that doesn't come out gloopy, patchy, uneven, or take hours to dry can feel nearly impossible. And let's not even talk about the removal process.

  • Apply your base coat layer nice and evenly and cure when done.
  • Apply two coats of colour, curing between each layer. Don’t wipe off the tacky layer which will be left on your nails.
  • Pop your finger into the bag of glitter or sprinkle the glitter over the nail.
  • Gently press the glitter onto the nail before tapping off any excess.
  • Gently buff the glitter into your nail with a small nail art brush using circular motions. This helps the glitter to stick to that tacky layer as well as making it lie flat and feel smooth.
  • Make sure you buff in the edges and the tip as well.
  • Remove excess glitter with a fan brush.


Glitter nail polish are an easy and affordable way to get an impressive nails at our Sheringham Nails salon which is Beauty Salon in Perth, Nails Studio in Perth. There’s no definitive best or worst about glitter powder. It depends on personal choice, and how you would like to look and feel. Everything you need just visit Sheringham Nails website or give us a sound, also walk in available at:

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