1st Article for February

Gel Nails

Gel nails are artificial nail extensions with a glossy and natural look. Gel nails are applied using a bonder and a base coat; after that, gel nail polish is applied to the nail. These nails involve a lot of filling.


The price for applying gel nails is higher than acrylic nails. The most important fact about gel nails is that you can set the gel nails on natural nails with or without using a primer. Gel nails require a few minutes to dry, and they can be dried under UV light. Gel nails have a natural finish, and they are light on the natural nails. At the same time, if the nail breaks, there is a low possibility of damaging the natural nail. However, the overuse and improper application of primer may cause harm to the nails. When removing gel nails, the filed-off method has to be used since these nails do not dissolve in acetone. Applying gel nails is a bit expensive, and gel nails are completely odourless. 


Gel nails are an easy and affordable way to get an impressive gel nails at our Sheringham Nails salon which is Nail Salon in Sheringham, Nails Salon in Cromer, Nails Salon in Holt. Depending on how well you care for your nails, your gel nails will last 14 days.