1st Article for December

The distinctive shiny finish of chrome nails makes for a striking manicure. If you already do your own gel nails, it’s easy to do chrome nails because you only need to purchase a few extra items. By adding chrome powder to your gel manicure and finishing it with a protective top coat, you can get this trendy look for a fraction of Sheringham Nails price.


  1. Applying a Gel Manicure
  • File and buff your nails to prepare them for gel polish
  • Paint on a gel nail polish base layer
  • Brush on colored gel nail polish
  • Place your hands under a UV or LED lamp to cure the polish
  • Finish the gel manicure with a top coat or another layer of base coat


  1. Adding the Chrome Powder
  • Collect a tiny amount of chrome powder on the applicator
  • Work the chrome powder into the nail in a single brushing motion
  • Rub the chrome powder across the nail with the applicator
  • Brush off the excess powder with a fluffy brush
  • Paint on a gel top coat to seal the chrome layer
  • Place your hands under a UV or LED lamp to cure the top coat