2nd Article for May

As previous article, BIAB a soak-off gel builder created by The Gel Bottle which ideal for creating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails.

In order to test the service, I have booked the service at Sheringham Nails, a VDIT Solution Partner salon. While the treatment definitely takes a little longer than your usual gel manicure (block out 1 hours to be safe) if you've ever had done take off shellac gel nails at home, a BIAB appointment will feel like familiar territory, with a few key differences.

  • Prepare: "Firstly we will perfectly prepare the nails, this includes pushing back the cuticles, cuticle trim, buffing, and filing the nails into shape. We will then ensure no dust is left on the nail plate with a nail brush, then a wipe of acetone on a lint-free pad."
  • Base: "Working on one hand at a time the next step is to apply a thin layer of BIAB on all five nails and cure on low heat mode for 99 seconds."
  • Gel: "We then work on one nail at a time. Apply another thin layer to the Gel Nails in Cromer, whilst this is still wet we pick up a small bead of gel and place this near the cuticle and work this down the nail side by side. We turn the nail upside down to create an apex then cure for 99 seconds and repeat these steps on all nails."
  • Finish: "You can then choose to either topcoat, apply gel colour, or nail art. Finish off with cream and cuticle oil." This top coat is instantly dry, like gels, which will be a bonus for anyone seeking to learn how to dry nail polish fast.

"BIAB is perfect for clients with weak natural nails who want to grow them out, or clients who want the strength of extensions without the length,”. We recommend applying BIAB on natural nails as we find it’s great for clients who want to keep their natural length. For regular gel polish wearers, we recommend switching to BIAB if you find the gel removal process has weakened the natural nail."

If you like the sound of BIAB and are keen to try the service for yourself, it is currently available at selected The Gel Bottle partner salons nationwide. The best way to find one is to check your local Nails Salon in Cromer. "BIAB is growing in popularity amongst our customers. We definitely expect to see more salons adding it to their treatment menu,” And we say, bring it on!

Don’t forget to pre-book your appointment at Sheringham Nails Bar via our website which is Nails Salon in Holt known as Nail Salon in Sheringham.

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