Making 3D designs on nails requires some special nail art materials and lots of patience, but the results are worth it. 3D designs can range from simple to complex and the only limit is your imagination. Some of the most popular 3D nail art designs include bows, simple flowers, and roses. You can come to Sheringham Nails to create these designs and give yourself or a friend a professional looking 3D manicure.


  1. Making Bows
  • Create two oval shapes
  • Bend the shapes in half
  • Make a central dot
  • Finish the bow with a central ribbon piece
  • Place the bow on your nail
  • Decorate the bow as desired


  1. Making Flowers
  • Create a bead of acrylic
  • Press out the drop to form a flower petal
  • Place a bead in the center of the petals
  • Apply the flower to your nail


  1. Creating a 3D Rose
  • Form a rose petal with some acrylic powder
  • Apply the first two rose petals to your nail
  • Make and add more rose petals
  • Form the central bud